words_spark_new.gifItem #P731 -  Whiskey Quartz  Raw Drops with CZ

Whiskey Quartz with a raw looking surface embellished with super sparkly Cubic Zirconia.   Beads measuring 10x15.15 to 12.6x19.55 mm.  Sold in loose pieces.  We have pairs as well as single pieces available.

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words_spark_new.gifItem #N2741 - Champagne Quartz Faceted Shield Drops

Champagne Quartz Faceted Shield Drops measuring 7.9x8 to 10.85x10.4 mm (smallest and largest beads in the batch), 9 pcs., 4 strands available

$42 for 1 strand



Item #N1148 - Whiskey Quartz Faceted Pears

Whiskey Quartz Faceted Pears measuring 11.65x12.95 to13.95x14.45 mm, 14 pcs., 108 carats. Actual strand shown.  

$123 for this strand




Item #M1477 - Whiskey Quartz Faceted Rectangles

Unlike your regular faceting, these are in a wonderful new cut that makes the edges sparkle. Whiskey Quartz faceted Rectangles measuring 8.9x11.3 to 12x15.5 mm, 16 pcs., 100.50 carats. Actual strand shown.

$170 for this strand




Item #M16 -  Whiskey Quartz Faceted Rectangle Drops

Whiskey Quartz Faceted Rectangle Drops measuring 7.4x9.8 to 8.6x11.6 mm, 19 pcs., 70.50 carats. Actual strand shown.

$110 for this strand



Item #K1838 - Frosted Whiskey Quartz Polka Dot Tumble Nuggets

This is a brand new style for this season!  Unique-looking frosted tumble nuggets with shiny polka dots all over in a variety of high quality stones - perfect for that high end designer look! Whiskey Quartz Nuggets measuring 11.25x13.05x8.5 to 11.6x16.8x7.8 mm, 17 pcs., 165.83 carats, 10" strand.

$149 for this strand



Item #A2592 - Whiskey Quartz Machine-Faceted Rondelles

Large gem quality Whiskey Quartz Machine-Faceted Rondelles measuring around 9-10 mm in diameter, 299 carats, 19" strand.  Actual strand shown.

$398 for this strand  




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