Note that the green sheen in the pictures is from the reflection of the scanner and is not actually present on the beads


words_spark_new.gifItem #P558 -  Smoky Quartz Faceted Nuggets with Vermeil Rim

Smoky Quartz Faceted Nuggets with a vermeil rim measuring 13.35x15.25 to 12.95x16.05 mm, 9 pcs., 13 grams.  Actual strand shown.  Green sheen due to scanning and is not actually present.

$108 for this strand


words_spark_new.gifItem #P225 -  Smoky Quartz 6x8 mm Faceted Olive Beads

Smoky Quartz Faceted Olive beads graded A by the vendor measuring 6x8 mm, 16" strands.

$38 for 1 strand



words_spark_new.gifItem #P355 -  Smoky Quartz Faceted Coin Drops with Vermeil Bezel

Bezel Set Smoky Quartz Faceted Coin Drops with vermeil rim measuring 15.15-15.4 mm, 10 pcs., 17.1grams . Actual strand shown.

$134 for this strand




Item #N2719 -  Smoky Quartz Fleur-de-lis Drops

Smoky Quartz Faceted Fleur-de-lis Drops measuring 16.1x15.05 to 17.1x16.2 mm, 7 pcs., 39.70 carats.  Actual strand shown.

$79 for this strand



Item #N2736 - Smoky Quartz Faceted Shield Drops

Smoky Quartz Faceted Shield Drops measuring 9x9.5 to 11.75x12.05 mm (smallest and largest beads in the batch), 11 pcs., 4 strands available.

$40 for 1 strand




Item #N2721 - Smoky Quartz Flat Faceted Drops

A unique shape available only at MiGem!  Large pieces of Smoky Quartz Flat Faceted Drops measuring on average 22x28 mm, 4 pcs., 93.10 carats.  Actual strand shown.  Can also be sold by the piece.

$134 for this strand


Item #N1086 - Bicolor Quartz Faceted Navettes

Bicolor Quartz Faceted Navettes measuring 8.15x9.6 to 8.55x12.5 mm, 18-20 pcs. in each 8" strand.  

$68 for 1 strand



Item #N2392 - Smoky Quartz Carved Shell Drops

I just love this shape! Smoky Quartz Carved Shell Drops measuring 7.05x10.75 to 8x12.8 mm, 9-11 pcs. Multiple strands available.

$38 for 1 strand  





Item #L2586 - Smoky Quartz Faceted Triangle Drops

Smoky Quartz Triangle Drops  with pointy backs measuring 10x10.2 to 10.8x11.05 mm, 19 pcs., 46 carats.

$43 for this strand




Item #A2635 - Smoky Quartz Onion Drops

These are Smokey Quartz 'Onions' which are basically faceted rounds with a pointy drilled end.  These would look wonderful dangling off the ends of earrings. Beads measuring around 8.05-8.55 mm, 21 pcs., 81 carats.  

$91 for this strand    



Item #H3573 - Smoky Quartz Faceted Teardrops 7x9 mm

Smoky Quartz Faceted Teardrops measuring 7x9 mm, 40 pieces in each strand.  

$16 for 1 strand 




 Item #G318 - Smoky Quartz Smooth Triangles

Smoky Quartz Smooth Triangles measuring from around 4.5x5.5 to7.15x8.5 mm. Strands made in India so expect some variation in bead sizes and shape. 14.5" strand.






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