Rainbow Calsilica is a relatively rare new stone from Mexico. It first came into the market in 2002.  There is some controversy concerning whether these beautiful colors and banding are all truly natural. See article in Professional Jeweler  http://snipurl.com/dek7  for more information.  However, it seems that this doesn't stop people from loving this stone! Even Stephen Dweck used this stone in his 2003 collection (or so we are told). The stones are stabilized using the same process used for Turquoise stabilization.  I

words_spark_new.gifItem #P506 -  Rainbow Calsilica Long Briolettes

Amazing strand of Rainbow Calsilica Long Briolettes measuring 10x28 to 13.5x30.55 mm, 16 pcs. , 157 carats.  Actual strand shown.

$228 for this strand or $16 for 1 piece




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