words_spark_new.gifItem #P1072 -  Pyrite in Quartz Hammered Shield Drop Set

These are unusual Pyrite in Quartz with a natural surface. Total of 7 beads in each set and they measure approx. 18.5x28.5x10 mm to 23x37x10 mm (smallest and largest bead in the set). When strung together they hang in a fan shape. Side drilled at one end as shown.  The front side will be an irregular hammered surface while the back with be a flat matte surface.   Sample set shown in the photo.  We have several sets available.

$20 for 1 set


words_spark_new.gifItem #P482 -  Pyrite on Calcite Nuggets

Individually these could pass as mineral specimens but now they are drilled so that you can show them off as jewelry!  Little gold pyrite formations perch on top of calcite stones.  Large nuggets measuring approximately 20-25 mm, 16" strands.  Number of beads in each strand may vary.

$49 for 1 strand


words_spark_new.gifItem #P491 -  Pyrite Nuggets

 Super shiny pyrite with a beautiful gold surface, pyrite nuggets measuring approximately 10-12 mm, 16" strands.  

$48 for 1 strand



Item #N3323 - Pyrite Step-cut Twisted Ovals

A very unique shape for pyrite, so much so we only have two strands available!  Pyrite step-cut Twisted Ovals measuring 6.85x9.55 to 9.95x12.6 mm, 16.5" strands

$208 for 1 strand




Item #N3010 - Pyrite Starburst cut Briolettes

A last minute addition to my shopping when I saw it sparkling from the corner of my eye!  Only 1 strand available, these are Pyrite Briolettes that are cut in a convex starburst cut which goes very well with the color and shiny surface of Pyrite. Beads measuring 10.65x13.85x7.3 to 11.2x14.65x8.1 mm, 16 pcs., 164 carats.  Actual strand shown.

$118 for this strand





Item #N2081 - Pyrite Bicones

Pyrite Bicones measuring 8x9 to 7x7.75 mm, 31-38 pcs. Multiple strands available. Pls advise if you need these a certain size and we'll try to accommodate you.

$40 for 1 strand  



Item #L3481 - Pyrite Faceted Pears

Pyrite Faceted Pears measuring 9.55-10 mm, 17 pieces, 70 carats.

$62 for this strand


Item #L3482 - Pyrite Faceted Pears

Pyrite Faceted Pears measuring 9.7-10.40 mm, 16 pieces, 68 carats.

$60 for this strand






Item #M3133 - Pyrite Large Faceted Pears

Large Pyrite Faceted Pears measuring 22x22.85 to 29.8x30.4 mm, 5 pieces, 189 carats.  Actual strand shown.

$156 for this strand



Item #M3154 - Pyrite Freeform Shapes

Pyrite Freeform shapes which have a smooth surface and are slightly faceted along the edges.  Beads measuring 8x10.8 to 9.2x13.3 mm, 18 pieces, 73 carats.  Actual strand shown.  

$51 for this strand


Item #M3158 -  Pyrite Stepcut Faceted Nuggets

Like little chunks of solid gold, these are Pyrite Stepcut Faceted Nuggets measuring 11.4x13.4x8 to 12.4x16x7.5 mm, 14 pcs., 243 carats. Actual strand shown. Please note that one of the beads is damaged and the price has been adjusted to reflect this.

$202 for this strand     




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