Item #L2497 - Peridot Faceted Spiral Drops

This style is hard to come by in peridot for some reason but we finally found some! Peridot Stepcut faceted Spiral Drop beads measuring 5.5x6.5 to 5.3x8.5 mm.  LAST PACK.

$45 for 1 pack of 10 pcs.



words_spark_new.gifItem #M9 - Gem Peridot Faceted Briolettes w/ Pointy backs

These are Gem Peridot Faceted Briolettes with pointy backs to maximize sparkle! Beads measure on average 7x10 mm, 1 pack contains 6 pieces.

$42 for a pack of 5 pcs.



words_spark_new.gifItem #M3418 -  Peridot Faceted Ovals

Sparkling Peridot Faceted Ovals measuring 7x8.7 - 7.2x9.3 mm, 25 pcs., 55 carats.   

$138 for this strand   




 Item #B438 - Peridot Faceted Teardrops

Clear sparkling quality of Peridot in a faceted teadrop shape that are drilled lengthwise. Beads measure 5.6x7.85 to 5.95x9.85 mm, 25 pcs., 54 carats.  

$150 for this strand      





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