words_spark_new.gifItem #P101 -  Amethyst, Green Fluorite and Rose Quartz Faceted Nuggets

These are perfect Spring colors!  Amethyst, Green Fluorite paired with Rose Quartz Faceted Nuggets measuring 9x11.6 to 11.85x15.4 mm (smallest and largest bead in the batch), 16" strands.

$18 for 1 strand



words_spark_new.gifItem #N2820 - Red Jasper Mixed Stone Carved Chinese-style Ovals

Labor-intensive beads that are all handcarved. We don't get these type of carved ovals often but here are some in mixed strands! Red Jasper and other mixed stones Carved Chinese-style ovals measuring 15.85x19.95 to 17.5x21.3 mm, 15.5" strand. Only 1 strand available as shown.  

$24 for this strand




words_spark_new.gifItem #N1709 - Candy Quartz Matte Smooth Ovals

This is a very nice colorful pale strand that's perfect for spring!  You can find a variety of natural stones like crystal, new jade and Rose Quartz along with synthetic quartz in blue and yellow. Full Oval beads with a matte finish measuring on average 12.5x17 mm, 16" strands.

$18 for 1 strand    










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