words_spark_new.gifItem #P2197 -  Technicolor Titanium Coated Crystal Quartz Tumble Nuggets

If you admire the colorful look of titanium coatings, you will surely love these! Amazing technicolor Crystal Quartz Tumble Nuggets which have been vacuum coated with titanium to produces this wonderful finish. I personally like these more than titanium druzies since the it has a larger smooth surface area to show the colors yet they are freeform tumble nuggets so they have a very raw and organic shape. These are not for the faint of heart since these stones scream attention. Beads measure approx. 10-15 mm, 15" strand.  LAST STRAND.

$38 for 1 strand



words_spark_new.gifItem #P526 -  Serpentine Faceted Coins with Vermeil Rim

Serpentine Faceted Coins with a vermeil rim measuring 14.2-15.7 mm, 8 pcs., 12.7 grams.  Actual strand shown.  

$105 for this strand


words_spark_new.gifItem #N2815 - Snowflake Obsidian Carved Chinese-style Ovals

Labor-intensive beads that are all handcarved. We don't get these type of carved ovals often so get them while you can! Snowflake Obsidian Carved Chinese-style ovals measuring on average 15x20 mm, 15.5" strand. Only 1 strand available as shown.  

$26 for this strand



Item #M113 - Hickoryite Smooth 16 mm Rounds

Smooth Hickoryite Rounds measuring 16 mm, 16" strands.  LAST STRAND.

$26 for 1 strand




Item #L2234 - Black Hair Quartz Smooth Nuggets

Not quite sure if these are natural stones or synthetic but they sure look pretty cool!  These are called Black Hair Quartz and these are in a smooth nugget shape measuring on average 12x14 mm, 16" strands.

$6 for 1 strand




Item #L2061 - Crabstick Jasper Smooth Ovals

Not quite sure what type of jasper these exactly are, but they are a nice rich peachy orange color, a bit like that of Crabsticks and thus the temporary name.  These are nice big rectangular oval shapes measuring around 16x28 mm, 16" strands.

$15 for 1 strand







Item #K424 - Hypersthene Rectangles 12x20 mm

Hypersthene Rectangles measuring 12x20x6  mm, 16" strands. This is a stone with a glow very similar to Mother of pearl!

$25 for 1 strand



 words_spark_new.gifItem #J2730 - Gem Silica Faceted Slab Nuggets

I just love the colors in these!  So fresh and perfect for Spring!  These are Gem Silica stones from Peru and are mined from the same places as Peruvian Opal.  In fact many people may mistake Gem Silica for Peruvian Blue Opal so beware!  These are wondeful faceted Slab nuggets measuring 18.7x22.10 to 22x31 mm, 16" strands.  You will receive one of the strands shown above.  

$182 for 1 strand  


 Item #J738 - Condor Agate Graduated Southwestern Beads

These are a new stone for us, Condor Agate southwestern beads graduating from 6-8 mm, 18" strands. A beautiful rust color that's perfect for Fall!

$25 for 1 strand  






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