words_spark_new.gifItem #N2786 - Blue Goldstone Smooth Drops

Blue Goldstone Smooth Drops measuring on average 6x9 mm, 16" strand.  

$13 for 1 strand


 Item #M2750 - Blue Goldstone Slabs

Blue Goldstone Slabs measuring 21.5x23.5 to 27x35.5 mm, 15.5" strands. Sample strand shown.  

$20 for 1 strand


Item #M2200 - Blue Goldstone Doubledrilled Necklace

Sparkly Blue Goldstone double drilled trapeziums measuring around 12x16x6.5 mm.   The beads are step cut on one side and smooth at the back. When strung together they give a slight curve so these would be wonderful to use in necklaces as well as other designs.  Around 13" strand.  Green sheen due to scanning and is not actually present in the stone.  LAST STRAND.

$32 for 1 strand





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