words_spark_new.gifItem #P126 -  Thunder Opal Faceted Nuggets

The vendor called these Thunder Opal but I did a bit on online research and these would be similar to Canterra Opal which is like the Mexican Opal version of Boulder Opal.  You can find pockets of opal and one even shows a bit of color play (see photo).  The host stone is Rhyolite. Faceted Nuggets measuring 22.85x25.45x13.2 to 30.7x48.95x19.75  mm (smallest and largest bead in the batch).  No. of beads in each strand may vary.   Not expensive at all for such substantial and interesting stones!  Note:  The strand in the lower right corner with the bead showing color play is SOLD already.

$40 for 1 random strand




words_spark_new.gifItem #P145 -  Mexican Fire Opal Simple Cut Nuggets

Gemmy Mexican Fire Opal Simple cut nuggets measuring 3.1x4.1 to 6.4x10.3 mm (smallest and largest bead in the batch) , 16" strands with knots in between each bead for protection.

$178 for 1 strand



words_spark_new.gifItem #P249 -  Mexican Opal Chips

Mexican Opal chips graded A by the vendor  measuring 7-9 mm, 16" strands.

$15 for 1 strand





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