Item #B597 - Off-White Diamond Drops 2x3.5 mm

These are high quality Off-white Diamond drops!  Beads measure on average 2x3.5 mm, around 0.14 carat per bead. Photos greatly enlarged.  LAST 2 pieces.

$158 for ONE piece




Item #B1594 - Light Yellow Diamond Faceted Teardrops

Genuine Natural  light yellow diamond Briolette Teardrops that are wonderfully clear and sparkling!  These are quite substantial pieces for diamond drops. The smaller pair measures around 3.9x6.4 mm ( the 2 pcs are somewhat matched, 0.8 carats@) and the center larger piece measures 4.15x6.6 mm (1.1 carat)

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Item #B1596 - White Diamond Faceted Trillion Drop

I've never seen this shape in diamond beads so these are unique pieces indeed!  These are white diamonds with a little bit of inclusion, though it's hard to tell with all the sparkling facets! Drilled at one end so that you can use directly for beading.  This  piece is 0.8 carat in weight. LAST piece available measuring 5.7x6.1 mm.

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