Item #N1519 - Chrysoprase Smooth Ovals

Chrysoprase Smooth Ovals measuring 10x14 mm, 16" strands.  

$21.50 for 1 strand   



Item #M1400 - Chrysoprase Onion Drops

Chrysoprase Onion Drops with some brown matrix present making it very natural looking!  Beads measure 7.15-7.6 mm, 26 pcs., 63 carats.  

$69 for this strand  





Item #L2808 - Chrysoprase Smooth Pears

Sometimes gemstones can look amazing without faceting and this is a great example!  Jade Green Chrysoprase Smooth Pears measuring 7.7-8.75 mm, 47 pcs., 93 carats.

$103 for this strand   



Item #L2677 - Chrysoprase Faceted Onions

Chrysoprase Faceted Onions measuring 8.75x6.5 to 9.65x8.5 mm, 18 pcs., 68 carats.  Pls note that some of these beads are a little more 'flat' than the other onion beads.

$84 for this strand   





Item #G3777 - Chrysoprase Faceted Oval Solitaire Drops

Chrysoprase Faceted Solitaires measuring from 7x5.5 mm to 8.4x6.6 mm, 37 pcs., 47 carats.

$67 for this strand








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