words_spark_new.gifItem #P2802 -  AAA Grade Black Pinfire Opal .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


I have never seen such lovely yet affordable examples of Black Pinfire Opal! These are graded AAA by the manufacturer and we took all of them! They did have some AA grade ones which were pretty but when you put them side by side with the AAA ones, they just don't compare. And you get only the best here at MiGem! These are called Pinfire Opal from Honduras as they have little pinpoints of fire that are scattered throughout the host stone of Black Basalt. It's a bit like looking at a starry sky, very dreamy. Each piece measures 12x16x6 mm not including the bail. You will receive one of the pieces shown above.  

$35 for 1 piece


  Item #N1851 - Boulder Opal Tumble Nuggets

These are higher quality Boulder Opal tumble nuggets with opal in both veins as well as larger surfaces.  Some deposits have visible fire too!  I am unsure if the host stone is still Ironstone since it is paler in color (if anyone knows what it is, pls let me know).  Boulder Opal beads don't come by often so get them while you can!  Beads measure 14.7x13.65x10.4 to 23.75x26.7x11.7 mm,  No. of pieces in each strand may vary (17-21 pcs.), 16" strands. Sample strands shown above.  6 strands

$180 for 1 strand  



 Item #N1857 - Boulder Opal in Ironstone Tumble Nuggets

These are Boulder Opal in its host stone, Ironstone.  These are great value for money since you do get some decent veins of opal present and in the past we had 10 mm rounds that already went for $75 a strand!   Beads measure 11.75x14.45x7.1 to 16.2x28.7x16 mm,  No. of pieces in each strand may vary (18-22 pcs.), 16" strands. Sample strands shown above.  4 strands.

$50 for 1 strand  



Item #A2654 - Gem Mexican Fire Opal Faceted Pears

Beautiful rare large pieces of Gem quality Mexican Fire Opal faceted Pears measuring  8.1-9.1  mm, 47 pcs., 75 carats.  Actual strand shown.

$325 for this strand  


Item #P145 -  Mexican Fire Opal Simple Cut Nuggets

Gemmy Mexican Fire Opal Simple cut nuggets measuring 3.1x4.1 to 6.4x10.3 mm (smallest and largest bead in the batch) , 16" strands with knots in between each bead for protection.   5 strands.

$178 for 1 strand


Item #P249 -  Mexican Opal Chips

Mexican Opal chips graded A by the vendor  measuring 7-9 mm, 16" strands.  10 strands.

$15 for 1 strand



Item #N2769 - Yellow Opal Chips

Yellow Opal Chips measuring 6-8 mm, 15" strand.  2 strands.

$6 for 1 strand





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