Amber is fossilized tree sap and 2 of the main sources are from the Baltic states and the Dominican Republic.  Baltic Amber is estimated to be roughly 35 - 40 million years old! These are Genuine Baltic Amber of the Finest quality. All necklaces are handcrafted in Lithuania and sourced from reputable sources

Here is a good link about Baltic Amber if you'd like to find out more:



Item #N3152 - Baltic Amber Twist 4-sided Rectangle Necklace

Finest Quality Baltic Amber in a rich golden color with lots of glittery inclusions.  You can use this strand directly as a necklace since a twist clasp is included or you can take it apart to incorporate into your own designs.  Twist Rectangle beads measuring from 8.6x14.85x6.65 to 10x19.5x6.2 mm, 21.5" strand including the clasp and the knots in between.  Actual strand shown.

$250 for this strand           SOLD





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